Jenny Bolton's Boost Your Bust Review

Do you feel ashamed to visit go out, wearing low-neck dresses with your more well endowed friends? Do you feel awkward about your boyish kind of chest. Well here is a review on boosting your bust. 

There are many guides, which explain the various types of techniques used to improve your bust and Jenny Bolton's Boost Your Bust is one of the most well known work in this field. In this Boost Your Bust review, I have tried to give you a general idea regarding the methods suggested in the book. 

Tip #1 

Once you take a complete look through the guide, you will get a clear-cut idea about the various massaging and exercise techniques. These are far better than any implant or surgical technique. There are many instances where a woman of size 32 upgraded herself to 34B, simply by following this exercise pattern. 

Tip #2 

Include estrogen increasing foods in your daily diet. This will help in maintaining the hormonal balance within your body. The main reason behind reduced growth of breasts is the increase in the amount of male hormones or androgens. Therefore, reducing the male hormone levels and increasing the female hormones like estrogen and progesterone help you significantly in boosting your bust. 

Tip #3 

Including herbs such as soy, palmetto, and wild yam in your diet could also help in enhancing your breasts. Also, consult a dietician before fixing a diet plan. A dietician will help you to make a timetable by taking into consideration the requirements of your body. 

Tip #4 

Maintain a proper exercise routine, which will help you to maintain the pectoralis muscles. Pectoralis muscles are found under your breast and provide support. Proper maintenance of pectoralis muscles will help in maintaining good cup size. Continuous exercise and proper caring can maintain these muscles conveniently. 

Another main advantage of maintaining pectoralis muscles is that they have the ability to make you look younger than your usual age. 

Tip #5 

The most important factor for improving your bust shape is to select a suitable bra for your breast. Try not to purchase any bras, which are undersized or oversized as these can affect the shape of your breast. A correctly shaped bra will help you to carry your dress in the best way possible and enhance your silhouette.

Try not to use the same size bra over many years as the shape of your breasts keep changing through different stages of life. 

These are the general techniques for improving your bust or for maintaining your bust.